About The Oklahoma Association for Institutional Research (OK-AIR)


The Oklahoma Association for Institutional Research (OK-AIR) is a statewide nonprofit organization for persons interested in institutional research and planning.  Its purpose is to provide a venue for the discussion and improvement of research, assessment and planning in the state of Oklahoma.



The objectives of the Oklahoma Association for Institutional Research are to:

  • improve and disseminate research predominantly of concern to institutions of education.

  • provide a collegium for persons in a common profession.

  • provide an avenue for professional accomplishment by offering at least annual meetings at which professional contributions may be made through paper presentations, workshops, seminars, and other activities.

  • encourage association with the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), the Mid-America Association for Institutional Research (MIDAIR), and the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) and to promote AIR and SCUP forums and other activities.

  • encourage professional identification, development, and renewal.



Membership is open to individuals interested in and dedicated to the purposes of the organization.  A person's affiliation with or interest in institutional research and planning will be self-determined.  Persons attending the conferences shall be considered current members.     



OK-AIR generally holds two conferences each year, one during the Fall semester and another during the Spring.  These conferences provide an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues throughout the state and allow attendees  to showcase new work or to learn from others' work and to dialog with representatives from the state regents' offices regarding current processes and activities.



   OK-AIR Constitution

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