Previous Bylaws

New Bylaws – Effective when registration opens for the Spring 2022 Conference or March 1, 2022, whichever comes first.

Summary of Changes:

  1. Changes to Membership:
    1. Membership terms are now one year from the date of payment rather than from conference to conference.
    2. Membership categories were added, which include Professional Member (voting), Student Member (non-voting), and Emeritus Member (non-voting).
    3. Membership may be obtained without attending a conference.
    4. The Inactive Member category has been removed.
    5. Professional Memberships paid for by an institution will be transferrable.
  2. Changes to allow electronic communication of meetings and votes.
  3. Removing the requirement for board members to make a personal financial contribution to the Association.
  4. Changes to the responsibilities of the “Immediate Past President” role, which will be an honorary and advisory role moving forward. There will no longer be a requirement that they assume the duties of the president in their absence.
  5. Wording and grammatical changes for clarity and consistency.

If you have any questions about the recent changes, please email