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Are you interested in institutional research and planning? Join the Oklahoma Association for Institutional Research (OK-AIR)!

The objectives of the Oklahoma Association for Institutional Research are to:

  • Improve and disseminate research predominantly of concern to institutions of education.
  • Provide a collegium for persons in a common profession.
  • Provide an avenue for professional accomplishment by offering at least annual meetings at which professional contributions may be made through paper presentations, workshops, seminars, and other activities.
  • Encourage association with the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), the Mid-America Association for Institutional Research (MIDAIR), and the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) and to promote AIR and SCUP forums and other activities.
  • Encourage professional identification, development, and renewal.

Couldn’t Attend the Conference? Sign up for OK-AIR Membership Only

If you could not make it to the Spring Conference on April 22, 2022, please consider signing up for OK-AIR membership instead. This is a NEW option that we’re providing for those who could not make it to the conference BUT still want to be involved and access our resources.

This option provides one (1) individual with membership in OK-AIR for one (1) year from the date of registration. Professional Memberships paid for by an institution are now transferable. Additional requirements exist for Student or Emeritus Memberships, which are NON-VOTING positions.

These membership options do NOT include registration for any conferences. However, benefits may include*:

  • Free attendance at professional development workshops
  • Access to training materials on the OK-AIR website
  • Ability to share information with other members
  • More to come!

*Benefits are subject to occasional revision by the Board of Directors to keep our offerings fresh and relevant.

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